The Hilton Schilder Goema Club – Hottie Kulture

1. Coming Home
2. Aiden 1
3. Pictures of You
4. Duiwepiek 1
5. Fire
6. Why Wait?
7. Tangle Foot Tango
8. Tarata
9. Grassy Park requiem
10. Aiden 3
11. St Lucia Draai
12. Have I Ever Let You Down Before?

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When our diverse genetics meet to make music, you can hear the sonic layers of the Khoe Mouthbow, the echo of urbanised Marabi, the drums of Malaysia, poly rhythms of Afrika, riffs of Cape Jazz, strains of European ditties and the spice of Asia…coming together in up-tempo happiness.You cannot stop your foot tapping or your happy smile.The Hilton Schilder Goema Club. Where everyone is welcome.