Hassan’adas – Asante Sana


1. Tsamaya

2. Protect the Planet

3. Saseka

4. No Money No Honey

5. Gito’s World

6. Made in Africa

7. Cape Town

8. Peace and Love

9. Tagores

10. Asante Sana

11. Song for Mabi and Makhaya




John Hassan (AKA Hassan’adas) is pleased to announce a new album, Asante Sana. While the first album was driven by keyboards and a full drum-kit, Asante Sana uses percussion instruments and a grand piano and features a host of other instruments and skilled artists. It’s a concept album that leans towards the authentic and the acoustic. Listeners can expect new music with a pared-down sound played with the same energy and conviction Hassan’adas is known for. Enjoy a melting pot of influences recorded in a beautiful setting.

John Hassan is a sough-after percussionist, composer, arranger and producer who has been crafting his skills for over 20 years. He has featured on over 100 albums, performed on tours worldwide, and engaged in a long list of collaborations with local and international artists.

Produced by Hassan’adas and Bokani Dyer
John Hassan – perc, vocals, acoustic guitar
Bokani Dyer – piano & flute
Lucas Khumalo – bass & backing vocals
Julio Sigas – guitars & backing vocals
Sisonke Xonti – soprano sax
Deodato Siquir – vocals on Gito’s World
Jaco Maria – vocals on Made in Africa
Chris Bakalanga – vocals on Cape Town

Recorded at Milestone Studios
Cover pic by Rui Assubuji
Cover design by Darren English


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