Hilton Schilder – Rebirth


In 2010, Hilton Schilder won a battle against cancer but lost a kidney in the process. While in hospital, he heard what would become his signature long-form piano composition “Rebirth” during a lucid dream. Waking up bedridden and without access to an instrument, he memorised what he could recall of the piece by moving his fingers over an imaginary keyboard on the ceiling.

“Rebirth” is a spiritual masterwork by a seasoned musician at the height of his powers – a sonic journey of sweeping light and shade that is both personal and universal in the depths it traverses. The track was issued over two sides of a vinyl 7-inch single in a picture sleeve featuring a pair of Hilton Schilder’s hallucinatory ink drawings.



1.Rebirth 10:38
2.Tesna Part 15 05:14
3.Birsigstrasse 90 04:05
4.Tesna Part 5 05:43
5.The Art of Flying 05:19



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