Thembelihle Dunjana – Intyatyambo Pt.1 & Pt.2


Part 1 Part 2
1. On My Way 1. In a Goema Place
2. Intyatyambo (album version) 2. Song and Living
3. Don’t Feel Alone 3. Swing Swing Swing (interlude)
4. Pressin’ On 4. Ngexesha
5. Divine Lover 5. Emlanjeni
6. Beloved Child 6. Ingoma Yoxolo
7. As I Was Saying 7. IKapa (interlude)
8. With Glass and Wine 8. I Wonder Where prelude
9. I Wonder Where suite
10. On My Way (outro)
11. Ngexesha (alternate take)


25year old multi-talented Cape Town born Artist Thembelihle Dunjana released her double sided debut album entitled “Intyatyambo” in December 2020. Thembelihle is known for her fierypiano playing on the band stand as well as her charismatic personality as a teacher and mentor to many young music students in Cape Town, South Africa. The album brings a vintage 90’s feel with a modern interpretation. “What makes my music special, I think, is that the music is a kind of new sound, there are songs on the album that can pass as hip-hop or soul tracks, but with traditional jazz elements such as improvisation and ‘trading fourths’ which have been upheld in the music. These elements can never leave me. I love the music of kwaito, and I love hip hop, and I wanted to recreate that, in my compositions as well as in my use of rhythms in the way that I improvise, as well as in my singing. Well, I didn’t really recreate it, as much as, I had a need to let that sound out.” The album is a double sided record with the first side showcasing her SINGER -SONG WRITER, PRODUCER side. Which features production, synth riffs, rhythmic ad -libs, drum resampling as well as well thought-out arrangements. These songs are vocal lead accompanied by a grooving trio of electric bass, keys and drum kit. The second side of the album showcases Thembi’s more traditional jazz compositions and South African musical roots. “The album is a journey, you will really get to know who I am through this album, I gave it my all, nothing is missing, for now anyway”. ”

Intyatyambo the album features Grant Van Rooyen on electric bass, Tefo Mahola on Drumkit, Tshegofatso Matlou on Alto Sax and Muneeb Hermans on Trumpet. INTYATYAMBO PT. 1 & 2 IS AVAILABLE ON ALL MAJOR MUSIC STORES


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