Steve Newman – Flavour


1. Forest
2. Garden
3. Faces
4. Lime
5. Las Palmas
6. Wandering About
7. This Tree
8. A Dream
9. At Nix
10. The Water
11. Hidden
12. Sparrow
13. Around
14. Jay Walking



Steve is a member of: Tananas, All in One, In the Clouds, Aquarian Quartet, Jika Nelanga, Mondetta, the Road Warriors, Steve Newman trio, and soloist. Tananas has played concerts & festivals in Australia, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Sweden, France, Spain, Canary Islands, UK, US, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, & Namibia. Steve & Tony Cox (the Road Warriors) have played UK, Norway, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia & Botswana. Other countries Steve has played: India, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany & Seychelles.


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